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As a busy working mum its hard to find time for everything so thank you for reminding me that its OK to prioritize myself sometimes and for helping me to better understand how to make time for self care and the benefits of mindfulness! The whole experience was insightful, rewarding and blissfully relaxing.

Person remembering self compassion and reclaiming self worth, who experienced four consecutive integrated healing sessions in their own home.

That was lovely, really lovely. It was no big deal, so easy, I could just relax and let go.

Person experiencing anxiety and dementia in a residential setting after receiving an Indian head massage

Rosie is a gifted, creative and compassionate healer. I have been privileged to experience a number of her treatments including hand massage, guided meditation and Indian head massage. In each treatment Rosie took her time to make sure that I felt supported, nourished and emotionally held as she gently uncovered my specific needs at the time and then tailored her approach to meet those needs. I have also benefited from various aromatherapy oil blends, inhalers and creams which Rosie prepared and which greatly increased my wellbeing and facilitated my stress management. I especially appreciated the care Rosie took in creating these items when I was pregnant and also following the birth of my child. I felt fully confident using everything that she had prepared as she explained the benefits of each ingredient and took care to address any potential contraindications for pregnancy and childbirth. It’s clear that she is hugely passionate about the art and science of aromatherapy and that great care and attention is put into each product, she even goes so far as to forage local ingredients where possible to ensure the highest level of purity and she never compromises on quality. Rosie is uniquely placed to help people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with her combined experience as an occupational therapist, death doula, aromatherapist and Indian head masseur, along with her many other skills. I highly recommend working with her and have no doubt that I will continue to seek her services for many years to come.

Person transitioning to motherhood

Rosie is very caring, professional and talented person. I enjoyed every minute of the experience from the chatting, to the calming silence and space, to the guided meditation and the massages. I was surprised how deep I got into the meditation. I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and felt amazing after, like floating on air, especially after the reflex foot massage. Before we finished, Rosie asked me some questions and got me to smell different oils and she gave me an inhaler to use whenever I feel I need it. Whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed or anxious I inhale a deep breathe and it calms me. I would highly recommend going to Rosie and experiencing this relaxation and healing. 

Person accessing healing session for overall wellbeing.

I recently had some integrated health sessions with Rosie using aromatherapy and foot reflex massage. I was new to the idea of healing and restoring through aromatherapy and was really happy with my experience. Rosie has a wealth of knowledge and was so interested in offering a personal & unique experience. Rosie helped me to connect with myself and realise different aspects in my life which could be enhanced to improve my wellbeing. Rosie, as a professional has such a calming and genuine nature and I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is interested in connecting with themselves and learning through aromatherapy

Person finding their identity in motherhood, grieving and honouring their own mother.

Being in Rosie’s presence always feels like being in a safe space. I went to Rosie recently for an Indian head massage, at the time I was in a very bad place emotionally after going through a long term breakup. Rosie tailored the treatment to my needs and went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable throughout the treatment. Rosie also spent time allowing me to choose from her extensive collection of essential oils, so she could create an inhaler for me. I use this inhaler daily and it is a comforter in times of stress. I could not recommend rosie treatments enough, it is the best form of self care that everyone needs in their life.

Person experiencing emotional distress

I had the pleasure of having Rosie practice on me while she was studying for her aromatherapy exams She had to undertake practicals as well as written exams I found her foot massages wonderful Very relaxing (even fell asleep a few times) and looked forward to them She always did an assessment on me before mixing any oils for the foot massage I occasionally suffer from sciatica. Rosie mixed oils for me to use on my back and I found that they were great at relieving the pain I still use these when I feel I need them I would highly recommend Rosie She is very friendly and helpful and is professional in her work.

Person curious about aromatherapy for health and wellbeing.

Person who participated in an introduction to mindfulness group.

It was an enlightening, fantastic and informative course delivered in a relaxed environment. We were provided with practical guidance and skills many of which help you to see things clearly and positively. I was fortunate to be learning with a lovely group of individuals. Thanks again Rosie and see you soon!

It was fantastic! I felt so relaxed, everything just washed away and I had no worries. I was just in the moment.

The smell of the oils triggered memories, I feel nostalgic. It was a soothing experience.

Person who received an aromatic reflex foot massage with kundalini reiki and drum meditation.

So happy I got to attend the workshop today. Friendly atmosphere. Learned some great tips for skincare and got to make our own products to bring home. Thank you so much Rosie for an amazing workshop.

Person who participated in an aromatherapy skincare product workshop.

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