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About Me

My Story

I have worked for over 10 years as an occupational therapist in Ireland and Australia in mental health, acute, residential and community settings with adults. In 2020 my desire to work with people in a real and honest way lead me to prepare as an end of life companion and death doula. On this profound journey I confronted my own grief. I have discovered and continue to access healing, growth and connection within by writing poetry and creating a relationship with the land around me. I am passionate about creating meaning, finding beauty and our shared connection.

The concept of using the healing properties of plants as a catalyst for our own innate healing abilities has always appealed to me. I became an Aromatherapist to integrate my health and wellbeing knowledge, skills and abilities through a beautiful and gentle modality to nourish and nurture the mind, body and soul. Occupational therapy aims to maintain, promote and restore. It is a lifestyle approach working collaboratively to draw on our own inner wisdom and knowing, realise dreams, fulfill potential and live a balanced and satisfying life.

My intention is to accompany people on their journey whatever that may be and navigate together through life's meanderings, facilitate deep connections and create a sacred space to support all life transitions. I am grateful to all of my guides and teachers; especially my family who have and continue to accompany me on my journey consistently encouraging, inspiring and motivating me from a place of unconditional love and through deep listening. I have learned that death is my ultimate teacher and its definite presence inspires me to live a conscious life knowing that this life is both precious and fleeting. I believe we are here to experience life through all of our senses, to feel, to know and to be, the deep love that connects us all.

Restoring Rhythm offers a blend of creative and gentle care to nurture your body, still your mind and heal your heart.

With love and kindness








CORÚ registered occupational therapist and IFPA registered aromatherapist

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